Nicki Minaj Posts A Picture Without Weave And Little Makeup!

  photo 09a825b88f6f11e3b6a81263b72a9ebf_8_zps742af59d.jpg
Not too scared to tone it down! Nicki Minaj shows off her hair without the weave and a face with little makeup!
“No Perm. No extensions” 
Not sure what project this is for but She’s giving video vixen! Yaaaaaaas Curves! 
Check out more pictures below. 

 photo 5c81c9208f6e11e3ba74128f0696eb74_8_zps4f9d75ab.jpg  
Nicki loves to cover her boobies with pasties in a provocative outfit! 
  photo f0ea5f7a8f6c11e393e3122a6eaa0995_8_zpsb39aa7fd.jpg
It’s not the first time she’s shown off her natural length….Hairfiniti or Nah? 
 photo 31be349c8f6b11e3a51e1238402b7216_8_zpsec10410b.jpg  photo ScreenShot2014-02-06at44213PM_zpsacbe27f2.png


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