SHOCKER! LHHNY Stars Rashida Ali & Tahiry Jose Are No Longer Friends!

So Tahiry Jose & Rashida Ali are no longer friends! Rashida Ali sat down with Bossip and made sure to let them know that her and Jose’s friendship is completely over! 

Ali is known for giving Jose advice on the reality show LHHNY, so what happened? Its not clear but she does say that Erica Mena is a better friend! Get the deets below.

On Her Friendship with Mena: 

Honestly, I’ve known Erica Mena longer than anyone on the whole cast. I knew her since honestly like I don’t know if she was 16 or 17 years old but I met her on the ‘I’m so fly’, umm what’s his name the video shoot with Lloyd Banks? I met her years and years and years ago and through the years we’ve always been really cool. She’s absolutely crazy I know but she’s never done anything to bother me or get out of line with me so I don’t have any issues with her it made sense to make the collaboration, do an event together promote you know each others brands and make it happen….The funny thing is that the people that you expect not to get out of line are the ones that get out of line. Tahiry and I are no longer friends and that’s not someone that you would expect to get out of line but Erica has done nothing to me so no issues there.

Listen to the whole interview below.

I guess we’ll see the whole thing play out on the show! 


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